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7 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes Around The World

Some of these most beautiful lakes also feature a variety of colors, which can easily be distinguished from usual color of water.

Lakes are considered as a one of the most beautiful landscapes which are also the gifts of nature. Basically, they are water bodies which are somewhat like a basin surrounded by land from all sides. Lakes are such beautiful water reservoirs that reverberates a simple and yet pretty beautiful facet of nature. If someone goes on to define it technically with the geographical point of view, a lake is basically an area or trenches filled with water localized in a basin and surrounded by land apart from rivers or any other outlet that serves as feed to the lake. Lakes are part of the land with stagnant stock of water and hence are not part of oceans. Some of the lakes are permanent and are always filled with water while others are temporary and are filled with water for particular time periods. Our world consists of hundreds and thousands of lakes which are so beautiful that they can take away our breath for a second. In the following article as it will give you a deeper insight into the top 7 most beautiful natural lakes all around the world:

Dal Lake, Kashmir In India

Natural lakes of the world

Natural lakes of the world

Dal Lake which is situated in Srinagar, India as also named as the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir. It is also a source for tourism, recreation, fishing and even used for water plant harvesting. It is surrounded with gardens and parks which were built by the Mughals. There are also colorful houseboats available, which are known as shikaras for traveling for relaxation and pleasure along the lake. It even freezes during severe winter or very low temperature conditions. There is also an island on the famous and beautiful Dal Lake of India where four Chinar trees are standing and that is why the island is named as Char Chinar.

The Australia’s Pink Lake

Just like the name suggests, this particular lake is actually pink, due to a unique combination of chemicals found in the water and some bacteria, which apparently turns the water pink when they react. This is a salt lake located in the Western side of Australia, and its bizarre yet appealing color attracts tens of thousands of curious tourists from all around the world.

Masyuko Lake, Hokkaido, Japan

Masyuko Lake, also known as Lake Mashu is a magnificent landlocked lake formed in the caldera of an active volcano. This beautiful lake is a part of the Akan National Park on the Hokkaido island in Japan. The lake is one of the clearest lakes in the world. The lake is walled by a 200 m high crater’s wall. It was formed around 32,000 years ago and the caldera was created after a volcanic eruption which occurred around 7,000 years ago.

The Yucatan Lake In Mexico

This is certainly a one-of-a-kind lake from many points of view – while it is true that there are numerous other beautiful cave lakes like Yucatan scattered all around the world, this one stands out from the rest due to its beauty. Did you know that this lake is million years old and the cave that surrounds it is made entirely of limestone? There are countless legends and myths that surround this entire area, and it is exactly this mysterious character that makes the Yucatan Lake such a popular destination these days.

The Lake Tahoe In The United States

Located in the Sierra Nevada region of the United States, Lake Tahoe is also one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, along with the Lake Baikal from Russia. This is an outstanding alpine lake that is known as one of the most appreciated attraction spots in California/Nevada and as numerous historians suggest, it was formed during the ice ages. The purity of the water combined with the interesting location of the lake (this is an alpine lake that is surrounded by high mountains on all sides) certainly add to its overall beauty. Besides the outstanding lake itself, there are numerous other recreation opportunities, resorts for skiing as well as a wealth of other interesting tourist attractions that those who are passionate about winter sports can choose from – as a matter of fact, the entire region around the Lake Tahoe is developed around tourism.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Peyto Lake is a glacial lake which is named after Bill Peyto who was a trapper and a guide in the Banff National Park where this lake is situated. This lake acquires a bright green color during summer season which makes it all the more beautiful and worth seeing and thus a famous tourist spot for sightseeing and taking photographs. Bow Summit which is the highest point on the Icefield Parkway is the best point to view the lake as the lake looks stunning from that point. Thus, all these factors make this lake as one of the most beautiful natural lakes of the world.

Melissani Cave Lake, Greece

Melissani Cave Lake is situated on an island of Kefolonia and is surrounded by forests, mountains and sea. This lake was discovered in 1951 and have many myths associated with it. The color of the lake is sky blue and the stones found beneath the lake are brown in color. Variety of plant species are also found at the door of the cave. Melissani Cave Lake is a famous tourist destination and is thus considered as one of the most beautiful lake of the world.

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