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Murudeshwar Tourist Attractions – Murudeshwara Temple, Beach, Lord Shiva statue

The temple that Murudeshwar is mainly known for is located on a peninsula and it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides.

Murudeshwar, the pilgrimage paradise and a scenic holy place, has shot into prominence as you of the loveliest spots in Karnataka. The small town of Murudeshwar, home to a huge Shiva temple, can also be home to a sizable Muslim and Christian population. This is actually a secular village and individuals of this small town reside in harmony. The place is sanctified with a piece of the Pranalinga of Mahabaleshwara and has some beautiful carvings and statues. Bounded through the shimmering sea and rolling hills, the area is a favorite picnic spot.

Murudeshwar Tourist Attractions

Murudeshwar Tourist Attractions

It’s possible to enter Murudeshwar from the Bhatkal-Honnavar National Highway via a specially erected big entrance decorated with intricate carvings. Murudeshwar symbolises yesteryear glory of Hinduism. It is centered on the splendid Murudeshwar temple atop a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea.

The Iconic Shiva Statue

The temple that Murudeshwar is principally known for is located on a peninsula which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. Because of this, it is exposed to sea air, rains and winds that have damaged the statue somewhat, washing away the initial golden paint and blowing off a leg. This temple is a site of religious importance to Hindus because it is believed to contain one of the pieces of the Atma Linga, torn apart by Ravana inside a fit of rage. The temple comes with an entrance that is one of the tallest on the planet.

The Other Magical Locations – Tourist places in Murudeshwar

In addition to the temple, other attractions include exciting seaside pursuits like swimming, snorkeling and boat rides, because the sea is particularly calm and delightful here. The area close to the temple has good walkways near to the beach, enabling visitors to have a relaxing stroll and spectacular sunsets in the hillock of the temple.

Other water attractions for families range from the hugely popular wave pool where they are able to spend hours with their children having fun. You can come across beautiful multi-storey restaurants directly on the water and dining here is definitely an unforgettable experience.

You’ll have a plenty of options with regards to choosing hotels and resorts that may suit any budget. As Murudeshwar is situated in the Uttara Kannada district, there are many other attractions near by that you can visit too, such as the fort renovated by Tipu Sultan, the hill resorts on nearby Sahayadri hills and also the attractions of nearby coastal towns like Bhatkal. There are lots of other natural attractions given the long coastal area and also the mountains very close by.

If you’are wanting to get away from the heat of the summer, or relaxation in winter in a neat and green atmosphere, then Murudeshwar homestay is best selection for you.

Murudeshwar Beach :

The beach is a of the popular attraction of Murudeshwar, visitors can also enjoy a pretty good bath in the Arabian sea here. Murudeshwar provides you with the magnificent natural views along with a great view of the sunset.

Bhatkal Temples

Bhatkal is 15 km from Murudeshwar, where one can drive to view some interesting temples of the Jains and of the Vijayanagara period.

Netrani Island (Pigeon Island)

Maui is an excellent picnic spot off Bhaktal coast. Besides them, the only real inhabitants of the island are wild goats. To obtain there, one has to hire a fishing trawler from Bhatkal or Honawar. The area looks like a botanist’s paradise and also at night, it is a still world from the city dweller’s point of view.

Yana Hills

Yana is a of the most beautiful spots in between Gokarna and Mudeshwar. Yana is natural wonder, where two giant rock formations. They’re named as Bhairaveshawar Shikhar and Mohini Shikhar. There are other of small rocks which are grey coloured and appearance like ash to be found scattered in this region.

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