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Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 in Travel | 0 comments

The World 8 Best Places to Spend New Years Eve 2015

New Year eve is an occasion when everyone wants to enjoy to the depth of their hearts. However, vacations are always incredible.

New Year is a festival that everyone waits for. People make plans from months before to celebrate the night with grand arrangements. Every corner around the globe gets dressed with vibrant lights. Regardless of the barriers of religion, caste and creed the countries spend the night with great fun, joy and dance. Children desperately wait for a special moment. Whether you are too busy with your work or not this festival will draw your attention and you are bound to participate. So to get relief from everyday stress create a plan to enjoy the evening together with your friends or family. It will be a great idea look around the world during this time. Every part around the globe has its distinct beauty which will mesmerize you. In order to know the unknown, get the fresh air of a new place, dance using the rhythm of their folk songs, involve using their tradition you have to come out of your home and enjoy the every moment of the journey. We have compiled a summary of the best and the selected places to celebrate new years eve 2015 party.

New Year's Eve Destinations 2015

New Year’s Eve Destinations 2015

New York City, United States (USA)

Well over a million people tend to show up at Times Square with this famous yearly party. You’ll find yourself counting down the seconds to midnight while a an enormous 12-foot glittering ball is slowly dropped down from a flagpole atop the Times Square building and also over a ton of confetti is dropped onto party-goers. This really is always a televised event, so you may see yourself on TV. You can also expect a fantastic pyrotechnic light show, big celebrity music acts along with a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall where you can write down your resolutions for the year in the future.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney will be the first major city in the world to welcome the new year 2015. It is usually better to welcome this new year before any other countries. We’re predicting that, approx. a million people will visit this beautiful city to welcome 2015 year. The town will host amazing fireworks, large and luxurious party to welcome 2015 year.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is among the most advanced cities in the world. The town will be decorated with lots of lights and delightful trees to welcome 2015 and bye bye 2014. Hong Kong’s beaches are the most popular places to celebrate new years eve 2015 party. The city will host many dedicated programs to mark the brand new years eve 2015 such as the musical concert, fireworks and dance program.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world. Dubai was not known location to celebrate the new years eve. However in the last five years, Dubai is fetching a lot of visitors to the city. The city’s popular places will mark the celebration like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Waterfront, Deira Island and much more. Please refer this article to get all the information about new years eve 2015 in Dubai.

London, United Kingdom (UK)

London is the most popular Christmas destination in Europe. Besides Christmas, London can also be the most favorite tourist destinations for any new years eve party. More than one million people will gather within the Central London to welcome 2015 and bye bye 2014. London can also be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Christmas and new years eve.

Paris New Years Eve 2015

Paris New Years Eve 2015

Sydney, Australia

Many events surround this celebration. You can expect to see indigenous smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers filled with messages in the sky, mini-light shows, a really huge and spectacular fireworks show along with a lighted boat parade. An ultimate dance party is held at Bondi Beach and you will find even special events to help the kids celebrate at Taronga Zoo.

Paris, France

In the Eiffel Tower, you will see a truly spectacular light show and fireworks display. However, most all the streets of Paris come to life with hordes of people celebrating, on offer of bars and clubs and having an excellent time with fireworks and lots of champagne. Romantic New Year’s Eve boat cruises across the Seine are also offered for those who wish for a little privacy for their celebration.

Vienna, Austria

Those wanting a somewhat more cultured celebration should have a visit here. Dignified balls, classical music concerts plus some of the world’s best symphonies are offered on New Year’s Eve in addition to a champagne brunch the following day.

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